SimplBooks Software Plugin


SimplBooks Software Plugin


Better access, easier log-in, enhanced automatic operations and a more compact system.


  • SimplBooks requires no installation and is available for web-based use straight away.
  • The web-based nature of SimplBooks allows access from any location and device.
  • Short-cut options allow enhanced efficiency.
  • Pre-configurations and chart of accounts already set.
  • The option for automatic addition of a new client in the invoice view and many other options available.


We developed a WordPress plugin which integrates WooCommerce based e-commerce site with SimplBooks accounting software.

If you wish to save money and time on data entry, then this plugin is the right thing for you.

Main features of the plugin:

  • Automatic generation of invoices – no need to import invoices to the accounting software. It is also possible to choose order status when it is needed to generate invoice
  • Automatic generation of incomes – the invoices will be marked as payed automatically;
  • Automatic generation of new clients to the SimplBooks system (also companies);
  • Automatic generation of products to SimplBooks as articles and further product data syncronisation from WooCommerce;
  • Inventory option for stock articles – regular syncronisation of stock quantities from SimplBooks to WooCommerce.
  • Plugin settings page is translated to english.


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