Our WordPress plugins are designed specifically for your wordpress content management system. These Interfaces make managing your website automatic and easier. The Interfaces developed by us automate the daily processes of your website, the accounting services of your website or the warehouse systems. The Interfaces developed by us do not involve monthly payments or an extra fees, just purchase and download Interface and install it on your WordPress Content Management System. After that, you can calmly shut down your computer and go to the beach because you have more free time to enjoy.

Merit Activa Accounting Software

The data would mainly move in the direction from e-store to Merit accounting server and without any delays. Inertong Products and data synchronization will happen in plugin and the plugin takes care of saving this data to merit activa servers.

Erply Business Plugin (!Coming!)

ERPLY offers the opportunity to use all kinds of retail channels. Manage your business with ERPLY CRM regardless of whether the transaction is on the web, on a mobile phone or at a point of sale. Efficiency and mobility help you and your customer.

SimplBooks Plugin

You do not need to install SimplBooks on your computer, but you can start using it online. Web-based access allows you to access whatever your location and device. Speed dials make business software faster Presets and account plan have been made.

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WP Plugins

We develop wordpress interfaces that make managing your website easier and less time consuming.


Plugin Updates

We hope to get constant feedback on our interfaces to get a better user interface and user friendliness for our wordpress interfaces.

User Support

We provide support and reply to customer letters during the working day and as soon as possible.

About Us

We are an innovative company who develops and manufactures wordpress integrations. Integrations are designed to link wordpress content management system with third-party software to make your website’s daily processes automatic. We are constantly developing and looking for new solutions to make our integrations more user friendly and better. We offer integrations consepts such as “Plug and Play”, where the interface needs to be  installed to the wordpress content management system, according to the settings you choose, it will synchronize the information with third party servers.

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